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Explorean Cozumel

One of the main reasons so many people choose to stay at the Explorean is the hotel's one-of-a-kind Daily Expedition & Adventure Program. Each day offers something new and exciting to do, with guided expeditions and treks in the ocean, on the beach, around the town, and deep into the tropical jungle, letting guests learn about and explore the island while cycling, snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and driving dune-buggies, and it's all included in the room rate. The adrenaline, fun, laughs and pure emotion will make your activities truly unforgettable as you create stories to tell for a lifetime. Most activities could be described as "soft adventure" and fairly easy to do, but feel adventurous and exciting. They are accessible to guests with wide range of fitness and experience levels and ages. Side-trips and extra activities offer more rigorous adventure for explorers who want it.

Valid for Travel 01 Jan 2018 - 03 Jan 2021 
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